Saturday, July 30, 2011

My new love: Pinterest!

I've been a little remiss the past couple days in posting. It finally hit me this week that I'm going back to school VERY SOON and need to suck the life out of every minute of the remainder of my summer. I've done so by watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix television, reading several complete novels, and basically transforming into a big couch potato (much to my personal trainier's chargin). However even my steadfast commitment to summer time bliss could keep me away from my new love: pinterest. It's a teacher's dream and nightmare all in one. This site is incredible! I'm completely blown away by all the amazing ideas that are that. I literally am kept up at night thinking of all the ideas I want to incorporate into my classroom, home, and recipe box. Next week I'm heading back to school to perfect my classroom but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my favorite pinterest finds that will be making an appearance in my classroom this year! (This is just a sampling: I have over 500 teaching pins! I'm a little obsessed! =) Enjoy and make sure to check out these lovely ladies blogs!
Back to School Secret Handshake inspired by the Parent Trap= best teamwork activity ever! From:
Listening center organization: I LOVE this! From:
Literacy Workstation Menu: I really like this idea and I'm thinking of making something similar for my kiddos to mix up their workstation period. From:
Daily 5 board: I really love the images on the bottom for reading behaviors! From:
Clipchart: I've seen this all over Pinterest. I'm a little hesitant to do this type of behavior chart but I do love that the kids have an opportunity to "clip up" as well as down. We'll see how it works once I meet my little ones! =) From:
Behavior Bees: So precious! I made these today! From:


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  1. Just found your blog and became your newest blogger. What are we all going to do when school starts...less blogging and less Pinterest! YIKES!!