Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Welcome to G3!

I'm so excited to start this blog journey! I have high hopes that I will be able to keep up this little blog with all the happenings of my kindergarten classroom. We'll see how it goes! For now just wanted to say thanks for visiting and joining me in my first steps in the teacher blog world!

While I have some free time in the summer I thought I would take the time to up-load some pictures from my classroom to share. I hope you enjoy them!

The front of our classroom.
 We earn brownie points for compliments for hall behavior. We earn warm 
and fuzzies for our buckets by being kind to each other.
 These are our penny jars. The kids earn pennies for doing good work and completing classroom jobs. They use their money to buy items in the class store every other Friday. They can trade their pennies for nickels and dimes later in the year.
 Our Daily 5 board. I didn't do much with this last year. 
I'm hoping to make it a more usable board next year.
 We post "fancy" words we hear and read on this board.
 Whole group teaching area with CAFE board, calendar, 
SMART board, and teaching easel.
 Computer stations and display book cases 
(I change out the books according to our themes). The curtains will look familar if you are familiar with Mrs. Jump- she was my inspiration! THANK YOU MRS. JUMP!
 Special quiet reading area
 Calendar Space
 CAFE board pre-strategies
 Reading tree, teacher desks, and library
 The bench lids lift up and store our wooden blocks. I love this storage solution!
 I organized my classroom library by book type: Non-Fiction (red bins), Fiction (green bins), Favorite Authors (yellow bins), and Favorite Series (blue bins).
 The Book Hospital really cut down on students interrupting me to tell 
about a rip or page missing. Later on I had the kids put a post-it on 
the page so I could quickly repair and return the books to the library.
 Some of my teacher storage- still needs some work! =)
 Our favorite author bins and leveled readers in the black bins.

 Another view of our classroom. 
The blue cubbies hold all our math and art supplies.
 The students hung their book bags on their labeled hooks.

Thanks for visiting our classroom! Come back soon!



  1. Welcome, welcome! If you are anything like me, you've been "taking" from the blog world for a while and decided it's time to give back. :) I just started my teacher blog this week, too! CONGRATS TO YOU, GIRL!! I hope you enjoy it! I thought I'd share some love and be your first follower! :)


  2. I might be in love with your room! Good work!
    It looks FANTASTIC!!

  3. Your room is adorable!!! I love, love, love your Fancy Words bulletin board! Love me some Fancy Nancy. :)

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  4. I love it all, and thanks for the ideas for warm fuzzies and brownie points. We do bucket fillers as well. Also, thank you for the penny jar idea! I have tried using a money system for management and to reinforce math, but I could never find a good storage solution. Imagine. A jar. Duh! Thank you! I would love to see how you manage your classroom store, what you have in it, and how much you charge for items. :)

  5. @ Gia- I'm working on a post about my class store. I meant to take a picture at our store grand opening but I forgot in all the excitement! The items in my store range from 2 cents to 20 cents. The kids absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE shopping at the store!

  6. Your blog is too cute! I'm so glad to see another K teacher using the Daily 5. I've been trying to sell it to the K teachers at my school for a while now and they do not think the kids can do it. Sad :( Your room is awesome. Where in the world did you get that Fancy Nancy picture? I want one; I love it!
    Andi @ Pencils, Glue, & Tying Shoes

  7. Yay! I will watch for a post about your class store! I am totally trying it this year! I shopped around this weekend for jars I could use as well as racked my teacher brain for jars I could re-use...peanut butter? canning jars?) and came up with a big zero. So what do you recommend for jars?

  8. @ Gia- Are you looking for jars for your kid's penny jars or jars to store your class store items? I use baby food jars for penny jars. If you are nervous about broken glass you could also use the mini-portion Gladware containers. They come in packs of 8. If you are looking for places to store classroom items- I use the IKEA set of plastic containers and then store them in one of those big plastic drawer units. I saw a great idea on Pinterest to store items in a clear closet shoe organizer. I'll try to get the post up in the next week or so.

  9. Thanks for all the great ideas! I'll keep following!

  10. I like your blog. Awesome pics! I have been teaching for 33 years. (second grade) Found some great ideas to incorporate in my class. Though I am old (tee-hee), I like inspiration from young teachers. Keep it up. You rock!