Monday, October 31, 2011

An Apology and Some 50s Day Freebies

So I'm so sorry I've been away from my little blog for so long! I have an excuse though...I went to CHINA!!! To make a long story short I was offered an amazing opportunity to travel to China with a group from my church for twelve days. Our mission was to relieve workers in a special care baby room at a Chinese Welfare Center (kind of like a orphanage). Basically we got to hold, hug, and take care of eight of the most precious babies for a week. It was INCREDIBLE! Did I mention the trip was all expense paid? Unfortunately this trip fell not only during the end of first nine weeks, it was also during conference week! So needless to say the first few weeks of October I was crazy busy writing nine days of lesson plans, assessing for report cards, AND doing 19 thirty minute parent-teacher conferences. So please accept my apology for my long absence...I promise to make up for it in the weeks to come!!

So while I was gone my sweet little kiddos celebrated the 50th day of school (Wow where did the time go?). We do it up right at our school- dressing up in poodle skirts and rolled jeans, playing with 1950s toys, having coke floats, having a sock hop. In the off chance you haven't reached the 50th day yet I'd thought I would pass along some ideas for 50s day fun. So first up are some pictures from some past fifties days! I LOVE this day and so do the kids!

And now for some freebies!!  There are three reminders: one to send a week or two in advance (so your parents can get outfits together) and two different day before reminders (our 50s day was on a Monday so I made a separate one in case yours is too!). Click on the picture captions to download from Google Docs.
Send in Advance

Monday is 50s Day! Reminder

Tomorrow is 50s Day! Reminder

Last but not least is a list of fifties day activities (you can download a hard copy in google docs). This year my class and two others switches classrooms to do separate activities. In my class the kids played with toys from the 1950s (play dough, Candy Land, Cooties, Jacks, Match Box Cars, View Masters), in another class they played outside games (hula hoops, jump ropes, hopscotch, kickball), and in the final class they had a sock hop and root beer floats! Everyone had a blast! In past years we did all the activities just in our classroom. Both ways work and are a lot of fun.

Hope you have a rocking 50s day! "See" you soon (I promise!!)!