Saturday, July 28, 2012

An April Quilt

I ended up changing several of my quilts this year and April was one of them. I really love how it came out and it was much easier to do the flower handprints over the rabbits we use to do! So for this quilt it's four squares: a white square with flowers (TO DO: paint four fingers- no thumb green and have students press onto paper. Then paint over the bottom with green to make grass. We then used little flower diecuts to complete the project- mine are from the wedding section at Michaels.), a hot pink square with their name, a light green square die cut and then photo behind, and a vibrant blue with a diecut egg decorated by the kids and a die cut chick. I really loved this quilt because it highlighted two big events of our year: Eric Carle day (the picture is of the kids wearing their hungry caterpillar shirts) and chicks to commenorate hatching chicks in our class in May. The rest of our April wall was made complete with our spring trees and writing (the kids did 5 senses writing, i.e. "In spring, I see chicks. In spring, I smell flowers. In spring, I hear bees. etc."). We also made word family flowers. I gave each of the kids a center yellow circle with a word family we've worked on this year and then the kids had to cut and trace out petals. They wrote words that belonged to that word family on the petals. They did a really good job! Check out below how awesome our April wall looked. Gotta love spring!!


An upclose look

The completed quilt

Our Senses Writing

A good look at our complete wall with our word family flowers on bottom.

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