Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A December Quilt

If you've read some of my other quilt posts you'll know that I really wanted to figure out some sort of December quilt page that wasn't blatantly "Christmas-y". I have a lot of kids that celebrate Hannukah, and I wanted something that celebrated the season without excluding anyone. So here's what I ended up with! I LOVE it! So basically a four square design: a picture, name page with patterns  (I blurred the names on the green page with the white shape pattern), a decorated gingerbread man (to commemorate our gingerbread study), and handprint snowmen. To make the snowmen just paint the kids four fingers and the top half of the palm. Paint a white patch over it for the ground. After it dries have the kiddos decorate their snowmen using markers.

If you're interested in seeing more monthly quilt ideas that can later be put together for a memory book check out my other quilt post: Quilts

Happy "Quilting!"


  1. I just came across your blog and it is adorable!! Love this quilt idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Kindrgarten Is A Hoot

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  3. This quilt is absolutely adorable! I'm curious on how they are put together. Cute blog - I'm your newest follower.

    First Grade Delight

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  5. Hi Jessie,
    Hope you had a wonderful break. I'm awarding you The Versatile Blogger award. Thanks for alll your ideas and resources!


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