Sunday, September 4, 2011

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere!

Patterns are one of my favorite things to teach. Partly because the kids pick them up so quickly, and partly because there are just so many fun things to do with them! I've been teaching patterns for two weeks (in addition to lessons on writing numerals), and my kiddos are experts! Here's a look at some of the fun pattern activities we've been doing.

Read These:

Definitely my class's favorite! We love to read this one over and over. Each page spotlights a specific pattern and all the illustrations on that page illustrate the pattern. The kids love finding all the patterns! Definitely read this one!

Do This: We use all kinds of things to make patterns! Erasers from the Dollar Store, manipulatives from Lakeshore, fruitloops, snapcubes, counters, basically anything you have around! We also love making people patterns (boy, girl; teacher, girl, girl; standing, sitting; etc.) and doing motion patterns (clap, stomp, stomp).

Make This: I LOVE these! We make these after reading Pattern Fish. The kids make patterns with crayon and then do watercolor over them. Use white reinforcers as eyes. They turn out so cute!

We also make pattern keychains for our bookbags. I don't have a picture of the ones we actually make but these are a pretty good example of what they turn out like minus the basketballs at the end. Use lanyard for easy stringing!

Make a class book based on Mary Wore a Red Dress- ask parents to dress their kids in some sort of pattern shirt. Take a picture and have students identify the patterns to finish the predictive sentences. It could also be fun to make a variation of Pattern Fish or Pattern Bugs- maybe Pattern Dogs or Pattern Cats?

Use These: 
I found "eraser pods" at dollar store. They are so perfect for pattern work!

 Checkout This: I've seen so many great things on Pinterest about patterns. These are some of my favorites (click on the pictures to go to the original source!).

Happy Patterning!

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