Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Heart Pocket Charts + Freebies

Sorry I've been away for a few days- I've been crazy busy the past few weeks. It just seems like there is so much to do and not enough time to get it done! I'm sure you all have no idea what I'm talking about! =) Anyhow I wanted to share some of my new favorite activities to do with my kiddos during whole group and literacy workstations. And to make it up to you for my brief hiatus lots of freebies!

Each week I focus on one anchor story- usually a big book with repeatable text. Some of the books we've read so far are: Pete the Cat; Brown Bear, Brown Bear; Lunch; From Head to Toe; and Go Away Big Green Monster.  We read this book over and over during the week. I also try to pull our focus star word from these books, and we create predicatble charts using sentences from the book (more on that in another post). We play a sentence scramble game to practice print concepts and word recognition. I cut apart the words of several sentences and each child gets a word (I write each sentence on a separate color sentence strip- and then I call up the kids by color "team"). The kids have to put themselves in order to make the sentence- the kids LOVE this!

These predicatble sentences are also great to add later to a literacy workstation for the kids to put together again and again. You want to know the best part?! I've created a few pocket chart sentences to share with you! All you need to do is print onto cardstock (a color printer would be fab!), laminate, and cut apart. I'm planning to put these in these awesome plastic photo keepers  I found (I'll try and post a picture once I get them all set!) but ziplocs or manilia envelopes would work well too! I hope you enjoy!

Have a great week!

Click on the book covers to see the pocket chart activities. Just as a heads-up the files look kind of goofy in google documents but if you download them they turn out fine!

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