Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I apologize for my brief hiatus from the world of blogging. As I was explaining to someone the other day- just like how March and April are crazy times for accountants, August and September are crazy times for teachers. I've been busily adding names to things in my classroom, writing first day lesson plans, preparing for parent night, and going to LOTS of meetings. That's all in addition to the best part of pre-planning: relishing the last few days to go out to lunch (what people do this everyday?) and catching up with all my teaching friends!

Tomorrow is the day. Twenty little kindergarten kiddos will be marching through my classroom door to begin a crazy 180 day journey. Going into my fifth year teaching I thought that I would be done with my first day jitters, but every year that seem to sneak right back in the night before kindergarten. And I know as I lay my head down to sleep tonight questions will be swirling around in my head: Will anyone cry? Will they get along with each other? Whose parents will pop in for a peek during the day? Will they have a good time? And on and on and on it goes.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to share what's actually happening in our classroom! For now I'll leave you with a few pictures from my friend Tiffany's room (so super cute!). She teaches first grade, and I LOVE her classroom! Take a look:

And a bonus freebie! I printed off the letter highway cards from Making Learning Fun. I put them in sheet protectors and in a binder. Here's the cover I put on the front of the binder (download in Google Docs):

Wishing you a great first day of school!


  1. I love the baskets with the stuffed characters. The puppets were a huge hit with my kinders today--our first day, too! No one cried, but I did have one parent appear, seemingly out of nowhere, to help his daughter open her snack!! (over an hour since class had begun). That has never happened to me before!

    I'm following you....have a super first week, I'm looking forward to reading about your class!


  2. Thanks for the follow Chrissy! It's been a fun first week so far. Although I'm already exhausted!! The parent emerging from out of nowhere just cracks me up =). One of my kiddos came in this morning and looked at me and said totally shocked, "You're wearing different clothes!" I guess he really thought I lived at school! These first few weeks he's almost right.